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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are many hotel prices hidden?

Hotels do not wish to make available their best rates to the general public. When they have room availability and are interested in lowering the price, hotels often will promote a sale but they do so in very targeted ways. For Silver Select, as a paid membership club, we can reveal the very best hotel rates to the members. We cannot reveal them to general web browsers or those who have only provided an email registration. In any given city/town, we have a number of hotels who are offering deep discounts in this discreet way to our club members.

For other hotels that are publicly reducing price (but not as severely as those who have secret rates with us), we can show those rates. These are highlighted also on our site. For these hotels, we also offer 10% cash back for additional savings. So any discount on these hotels, plus our 10% cash back, make for significant savings.

Can I get a refund on the $2 one week trial to view secret hotel rates?

We hope that you agree that the hotel deals are indeed the very best in the market. However, if you are not satisfied with what you see, you may request a refund on the $2 one week trial. Just email us at memberservices@silverselect.com

How do I receive the other benefits in addition to travel?

On the web site, you will see many additional benefits that are available to Full Club Members. These include benefits with upscale restaurants, perks with major retailers, and exclusive events in major cities. Explore these and join the full club to access these. With full club membership, you will receive a card in the mail and you can contact the concierge desk when making a booking at restaurants or for events.

Who is booking the hotel? Questions about your booking?

When you are ready to book a hotel, you will be placing the booking with our reservations system partner. As a club member, you will receive the best price at time of booking and will receive an email confirmation from the EZReservation system. If the hotel is one where there is 10% cash back, then you will receive a check in the mail after your stay from our partner Meet Select. Please email us at memberservices@silverselect.com a copy of your hotel check-out receipt so that we can process this cash back for you.

For any booking questions before arrival, you may call the telephone number listed in the confirmation email. Or you may email us at memberservices@silverselect.com